Hell and Mystical Creatures

Posted by orang-orang On Saturday, November 13, 2010 5 ugutan

A week of hell..

No silly, im not been resurrected and I'm even not dead yet. It's just that my toughest week for this term will became past tense. Tomorrow's examination is going to be the last one for me. Dear uni admins, you guys sure know how to make your fellow student pissed off, drawing FU comics and writing a shit or two about their exam's experience. While maybe for some nerd their exams were just like their ordinary days, doing questions and all those bullshit past years, as for me, all those past years exam paper will greet me if and only if tomorrow is the exam. I'm a lazy fuck,i know and for that my result for the first term is not the tipical lazy but genius guy but more to a tipical lazy and idot kinda guy result. Here's a hint, you've overestimate me if your guess was 2.5 and above.

"Da tau bodoh, tulis la dalam BM bahlol"

That's one thing I hate about those fuckers who think they are so godlike in english and keeps telling stupid people (read;me) not to wrote in english because, my english sucks. Well at least those who read this blog gets the idea of what i'm saying. I'm in a happy mood actually because of the ending of a week of agony studying, answering stupid questions and cursing myself for a lot of carelessness and other stupid shit that I supposed to do had just ended, well not officially yet, I still have one more paper tonight. Fuck yeah it is the last one.

A week of hell..

Since my last paper tonight is just a minor one, one of the university core subject which is compulsary to take, no one seems to bother looking up for any tips and hints, plus it got nothing to do with engineering so why bother studiying? To some people, it is a serious thing and this kinda people will end up reading like hell. I'll be dead if i read that many books and articles. I'm not the reading type kinda guy.

Earlier today, my fellow roommate told me something about this dream he had before he woke up. It has something to do with mystical creatures that ceased to exist, well people said that they don't exist because not many had seen those bunian guys. Yup, you saw it right, bunians, he dreamed about bunians, plus that bunians happens to be a chick. Damn you're one lucky dude, having to fuck a bunian in a dream is what I'd say a 'sweetwetdream'. But, his dream is not about fucking a bunian girl, it's more bout how to summon her by his will. I think this is one way the unseen communicate with us. Through dreams.

Being a famous blogger he is, i think the bunians might be one of his follower, and iI suspected that the whole civilization is whorshipping him. Yeah. And they addicted to him because of his godlike writings. That must be it.Yup, internet can really fucked up a civilisation. I wonder if my dream will be about how to summon and train your own dragon. Now that would be nice. Although, fucking a bunian girl's dream is still ftw.

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- koroe - said...

haha..such a lucky boy he is izzit..send him my regards oke..

acap said...

i've sweetwetdream once.mybe i already a father :))

orang-orang said...

koroe : i wanna be like him..^^

acapela: omg!! who's the mother?? is the mother is a 'he'?