Need Money? No job? Eat shit!

Posted by orang-orang On Sunday, November 14, 2010 3 ugutan

Good bye silly question papers, noisy and hot lecturers, and all those godd for nothing 'pak gak', till we met again next term for another epic yet boring episod of my life. Semester break is coming and I'll be relaxing my my mind for any uni-related conversation. But, if you're having a tough time in uni, be sure not to bump any of your colleague when your're in vacation mode. It will ruin your day. Ask for me, I dont fucking care, as long as it is still holiday though.

Holiday is a fun shit, it's like mempth, the moment you inhaled it, that's when it kicks in but mempth also did some damage to your body and soul. Oh yeah, I'm starting to miss my lecturers here, they were all nice and humble, and there is this one lecturer, my ED lecturer. He once show us a slide that is to be interpreted by in our own way of it is. It's a picture, which can be anything. Many had guessed, there are mould casting, a chair, two lady staring at each other, two lady who about to kiss, two lesbian ladies, a table and many more ridiculous idea, none of them were wrong, the picture is just a game for us in order for us to rest our tortured mind after all day of absorbing shits.

This is the pic, see the lesbian girls?

So anyway, about the picture that lecturer showed me, I was surfing the net when I found the same pictures that my lecturer had showed me the other day. Only this time, the person who did this either they have head trauma from past encounter or they  have a dirty mind. Literally dirty.

Taking lesbian to the whole new level

Nice, you've just give me back those memories. Damn you!

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- koroe - said...

open a referigerator.

eat shit !

acap said...

nightmare.hampir aku bersara dr arena pornografi disebabkan itu.

terima kasih kerana mengimbau nostalgia 2Girls1Cup ini.yucks

orang-orang said...


mau ka? ade org smpn taik dlm peti sjuk kh?

@acap kn cite 2..ade yg HD x ek?