Road Safety and Precautions.

Posted by orang-orang On Wednesday, November 24, 2010 8 ugutan

Firstly i would like to thank godlike koroe for his sudden entry about 1/10 of my life. Surely, he knows me well just because he is a godlike creature with all this superpower and stuffs, a man with more than enough aura wipe to out a civilization, the bunians have learn their lesson if you know what i meant. If you don't have guts, please, don't make him stare at you or else be prepared to met grim reaper that will separates your body in half. Anyway,enough of that for now, I'll be dealing with him later on.

It has been a week since i got here and there is another month to go till the new terms starts. My first week here however, is ruined by some idiot who apparently, don't know how to fucking drive. Here's some of them from my past experience.

Old Pak Cik Wearing Kopiah
Actually, I dunno why but if I saw a pakcik driving retardly, that pak cik will sure be wearing a kopiah, I dunno why, is it a stereotype? I don't think so,but so far I've never saw a pak cik with kopiah on his head driving in the left lane of a 2 laned road. They always tends to drive in the right lane. I don't mind if their speed is like 140km/h, but tailing a 60km/h moving shit while there is a 60km/h car on the left side will surely triggered some foulmouthedmiddlefinger scenes.

Ladies(and some gents)
We all know the some ladies drive like they have a vibrating dildo stuck up their ass. Driving at night with no head light and tail lights? C'mon...don't you ladies ever looked at your speedometer? I mean seriously, how the hell can you forgot to switch on the lights while driving all the way from mydin till your home? Unless you're being fingered by your husband/bf or yourself. LOL

Rich Bastards
Who can identify them with ease, BMW, Mercedes, big bulky car , you know, they usually own luxurious cars sadly their driving skills doesn't cope with the cars. From my POV, they were pigs who just learn how to drive. This become worse if this rich bastards happen to be a lady, plus, she happens to be he's wife. A slutty pigs who drive a luxurious bulky car can really fuck up my day.

Nice knowing ya people!

Watching an old slutty bitch raging inside their metal cage is good for your health rather than ramming through their car.

Only 3?? Meh...I thought there were more. Stumbling upon these kind of people on the road can sometimes turned me into one of them. Hurmm..maybe I should have added myself in the list. Oh well, i guess it is too late now, it's already been published. Hahahaha...

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- koroe - said...

thanx petik name ai kat ayat pertama..

how about a bastard that telling people how great he is when driving cars but he actually fucking drive like a newbie and even girls are better sometimes. fuck his life. lolz..

[ i don't know whether my english is right or not. since you write in english ( and since your english was fucking great ) i just wanna try landing some english words in your comment section ]

orang-orang said...

so you're from UK right? the one the with surname Greatgod isn't it?

- koroe - said...


saye tak kenal awak la..

orang-orang said...

but i know u..
i mean..who wouldn't? o.O

Pat said...

damn it.
aku perlukan seminggu nak translate sume nih
i'm proud that i'm not on the list heh3

orang-orang said...

nak masok ke pat? bleh je aku letak..heh

eyemeroll said...

Aku ingat aku sorang je ada masalah dengan hidupan yang bawak kereta ni..

Pat said...

err boleh ke?
kene bayar tak?
kalo kene bayar hutang dulu la ye