Road Safety and Precautions.

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Firstly i would like to thank godlike koroe for his sudden entry about 1/10 of my life. Surely, he knows me well just because he is a godlike creature with all this superpower and stuffs, a man with more than enough aura wipe to out a civilization, the bunians have learn their lesson if you know what i meant. If you don't have guts, please, don't make him stare at you or else be prepared to met grim reaper that will separates your body in half. Anyway,enough of that for now, I'll be dealing with him later on.

It has been a week since i got here and there is another month to go till the new terms starts. My first week here however, is ruined by some idiot who apparently, don't know how to fucking drive. Here's some of them from my past experience.

Old Pak Cik Wearing Kopiah
Actually, I dunno why but if I saw a pakcik driving retardly, that pak cik will sure be wearing a kopiah, I dunno why, is it a stereotype? I don't think so,but so far I've never saw a pak cik with kopiah on his head driving in the left lane of a 2 laned road. They always tends to drive in the right lane. I don't mind if their speed is like 140km/h, but tailing a 60km/h moving shit while there is a 60km/h car on the left side will surely triggered some foulmouthedmiddlefinger scenes.

Ladies(and some gents)
We all know the some ladies drive like they have a vibrating dildo stuck up their ass. Driving at night with no head light and tail lights? C'mon...don't you ladies ever looked at your speedometer? I mean seriously, how the hell can you forgot to switch on the lights while driving all the way from mydin till your home? Unless you're being fingered by your husband/bf or yourself. LOL

Rich Bastards
Who can identify them with ease, BMW, Mercedes, big bulky car , you know, they usually own luxurious cars sadly their driving skills doesn't cope with the cars. From my POV, they were pigs who just learn how to drive. This become worse if this rich bastards happen to be a lady, plus, she happens to be he's wife. A slutty pigs who drive a luxurious bulky car can really fuck up my day.

Nice knowing ya people!

Watching an old slutty bitch raging inside their metal cage is good for your health rather than ramming through their car.

Only 3?? Meh...I thought there were more. Stumbling upon these kind of people on the road can sometimes turned me into one of them. Hurmm..maybe I should have added myself in the list. Oh well, i guess it is too late now, it's already been published. Hahahaha...

We have been expecting you Zink.

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About a month or two ago, I've posted something about our favorite nasyeed singer, you guessed it, Maher Zain. Just now, i stumbled upon a blog that say MZ is a freemason. Yay. Haha.

Here's the entry;-

Maher Zain

Lagu Maher Zain iaitu "Insha Allah" amat menarik dan sedap didengar. Bagi pembaca yang masih belum sempat mendengar lagu beliau, anda boleh mendengar dan menonton Maher Zain.

Tetapi ada beberapa perkara yang membuatkan saya tertanya-tanya dan pelik sedikit berkaitan lagu-lagu yang dikeluarkan oleh syarikat artis ini.

Pertama, cuba anda lihat logo syarikat yang mengeluarkan lagu artis ini.

Simbol tersebut seperti bentuk simbol illuminati.  

Anda boleh melihat Logo Syarikat Awakening Records pada setiap video klip lagu Maher Zain antaranya seperti di link di bawah:

Lihat simbol mata dan segitiga pada logo Awakening Records!

Cuma segitiga dalam mata, tiada banyak perbezaannya, tetapi saya tidak pasti perkara ini tidak disengajakan atau disengajakan oleh pihak tertentu kerana mungkin mereka ialah pengikut freemanson atau menyokong illuminati.

 ------------ Mengapa dengan logo tersebut? -----------
Kita kenali Maher Zain sebagai penyanyi yang menyampaikan lagu berunsurkan Islam dan tidak dinafikan banyak lagu daripada Maher Zain yang sedap didengar seperti Insha Allah dan Thank You Allah.
Kedua, alamat syarikat Awakening Records itu sendiri.

Cuba anda lihat alamat syarikat Awakening Records (cari maksud awakening records) yang menghasilkan lagu Maher Zain di bawah:

Awakening Worldwide
Unit 306 New Loom House
101 Back Church Lane
E1 1LU

Anda juga boleh melayari web untuk melihat sendiri alamat syarikat tersebut. Perkataan Church membuatkan saya amat terkejut di mana lagu berunsur Islam dikeluarkan oleh syarikat sedemikian. Jika anda lihat laman web syarikat tersebut, ia memang amat simple. Mari kita berfikir sejenak, lagu berunsur Islam berhampiran gereja atau pengeluarnya adalah orang yang beragama Kristian?
Mengapa perkara ini mesti difikirkan atau diambil berat oleh umat Islam:
  • kebanyakan unsur-unsur freemanson/kristian/yahudi/dajal telah diselitkan melalui lagu atau hiburan di serata dunia
  • artis-artis dunia dan tempatan telah dijadikan medium atau channel untuk menyampaikan atau mengembangkan dana ekonomi yang boleh menghancurkan Islam sendiri
  • Sebagai contoh, Anugerah Juara Lagu, iklan raya, filem hollywood semuanya berasaskan perkara yang boleh menyesatkan dan merosakkan pemikiran umat Islam terutamanya golongan muda masa kini
Sebagai contoh di negara kita sendiri, ada sesetengah artis juga terlibat dengan freemanson seperti gambar di bawah, tetapi hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu kebenarannya ..

Gambar ihsan ohartis

Baca berkenaan artis tersebut di ohartis.

Semua tentang illuminati dan freemanson ada di hikmatun
Fikir-fikirkanlah dan bijaklah mengikut yang benar dan menjauhi yang mungkar...sama-sama kita membantu umat Islam agar tidak berlari jauh dari landasan agama Islam, nau'zubillah .

I stoled this from Episodbaru. This is just a webcache, meaning that this article may have been deleted or changed.

I LOLed when i read this. Here's my point
  • The logo thingy, just like the others has expected , finally a conspiracy theorist blogged that.
  • Hujan, the illuminati based artist in Malaysia, everyone knew that. LOL
  • The street name part, what the hell? sigh~
  • Bullshit
  • I rest my case
Welcome to the Freemason and Illuminati, Maher Zain. We have been expecting you. As the grandmaster, I now declared you as the level 33 members specialized in deceiving people through nasyeed songs.

P/S : do tell me if the image can't load.


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Need Money? No job? Eat shit!

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Good bye silly question papers, noisy and hot lecturers, and all those godd for nothing 'pak gak', till we met again next term for another epic yet boring episod of my life. Semester break is coming and I'll be relaxing my my mind for any uni-related conversation. But, if you're having a tough time in uni, be sure not to bump any of your colleague when your're in vacation mode. It will ruin your day. Ask for me, I dont fucking care, as long as it is still holiday though.

Holiday is a fun shit, it's like mempth, the moment you inhaled it, that's when it kicks in but mempth also did some damage to your body and soul. Oh yeah, I'm starting to miss my lecturers here, they were all nice and humble, and there is this one lecturer, my ED lecturer. He once show us a slide that is to be interpreted by in our own way of it is. It's a picture, which can be anything. Many had guessed, there are mould casting, a chair, two lady staring at each other, two lady who about to kiss, two lesbian ladies, a table and many more ridiculous idea, none of them were wrong, the picture is just a game for us in order for us to rest our tortured mind after all day of absorbing shits.

This is the pic, see the lesbian girls?

So anyway, about the picture that lecturer showed me, I was surfing the net when I found the same pictures that my lecturer had showed me the other day. Only this time, the person who did this either they have head trauma from past encounter or they  have a dirty mind. Literally dirty.

Taking lesbian to the whole new level

Nice, you've just give me back those memories. Damn you!

Hell and Mystical Creatures

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A week of hell..

No silly, im not been resurrected and I'm even not dead yet. It's just that my toughest week for this term will became past tense. Tomorrow's examination is going to be the last one for me. Dear uni admins, you guys sure know how to make your fellow student pissed off, drawing FU comics and writing a shit or two about their exam's experience. While maybe for some nerd their exams were just like their ordinary days, doing questions and all those bullshit past years, as for me, all those past years exam paper will greet me if and only if tomorrow is the exam. I'm a lazy fuck,i know and for that my result for the first term is not the tipical lazy but genius guy but more to a tipical lazy and idot kinda guy result. Here's a hint, you've overestimate me if your guess was 2.5 and above.

"Da tau bodoh, tulis la dalam BM bahlol"

That's one thing I hate about those fuckers who think they are so godlike in english and keeps telling stupid people (read;me) not to wrote in english because, my english sucks. Well at least those who read this blog gets the idea of what i'm saying. I'm in a happy mood actually because of the ending of a week of agony studying, answering stupid questions and cursing myself for a lot of carelessness and other stupid shit that I supposed to do had just ended, well not officially yet, I still have one more paper tonight. Fuck yeah it is the last one.

A week of hell..

Since my last paper tonight is just a minor one, one of the university core subject which is compulsary to take, no one seems to bother looking up for any tips and hints, plus it got nothing to do with engineering so why bother studiying? To some people, it is a serious thing and this kinda people will end up reading like hell. I'll be dead if i read that many books and articles. I'm not the reading type kinda guy.

Earlier today, my fellow roommate told me something about this dream he had before he woke up. It has something to do with mystical creatures that ceased to exist, well people said that they don't exist because not many had seen those bunian guys. Yup, you saw it right, bunians, he dreamed about bunians, plus that bunians happens to be a chick. Damn you're one lucky dude, having to fuck a bunian in a dream is what I'd say a 'sweetwetdream'. But, his dream is not about fucking a bunian girl, it's more bout how to summon her by his will. I think this is one way the unseen communicate with us. Through dreams.

Being a famous blogger he is, i think the bunians might be one of his follower, and iI suspected that the whole civilization is whorshipping him. Yeah. And they addicted to him because of his godlike writings. That must be it.Yup, internet can really fucked up a civilisation. I wonder if my dream will be about how to summon and train your own dragon. Now that would be nice. Although, fucking a bunian girl's dream is still ftw.


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13th of May. To a nobody the very date might be just an ordinary date and another day of work or a family day to others. Well, try asking this to a Malaysian, what would be they answer?

"Uhhhh..the day of war"
"Malaya's bloody massacre"
"A stupid day where malaysian kills each other"
"errr..ngakkk tau pakk"

Yup, maybe that would be the answers from some of us. For me the 13 of May should not be forgotten by us Malaysians. A history is supposed to be remembered not to be repeated but still, history will repeat by it self. All those racist sentiment nowadays will sure someday can ingnites the flames of fury among multicultural races in this very Cuntry.

"Eh lahanat, hari ni bukan 13th Mei pun, asal lu cakap macam ni ni? gile ke?"

Sure it is not 13th of May but why should the incident be forgotten just because today is not the 13th of May? This is just the tipical thoughts of us humans. It is like we tends to remember a certain incident occuring in the past when it is related to a date. For instance, 13th May 1963 and 31st August, I use this dates just because it is two of many significant dates of Malaysia that most of us knew what happened on it and also, for the 13th of May, since the next general election is just around the corner you might hear something like this more ofthen;

"Sokonglah barisan nasional, jika anda tidak mahu melihat lagi peristiwa berdarah 13 mei, kami akan bla...bla...bla..."

Familiar isn't it? Well that's one of tons of other bullshit that will be going to be spilled out when it comes to winning the voter's fucking tick for thier cunt fucking alcoholic party. Well, where was I? Oh yeah, the date thingy, the reason why is choose these date is that this date is-wait, didn't I've just wrote this a few lines ago? Shit. Ok. So the thing that i wanna say is just that there are many things which can cause a riot between the Malay, Chinese and Indians considering since they are the top 3 races in Malaysia for the time being.

Somehow today anything can be related to being racist. Even a chinese women who apparently did not cover her head is continously being attacked by those insane mafakkas so called "pembela melayu". But when their 1st lady, entered and give a speech with just half of her head covered they would be like "chillax, she's a muslim". See the double standards? And then this issue would then became a "melei-chinese" issue. See how've they had reacted? Some twist the story back and forth and Voila!. You have a racial issue ready to be published in tomorrow's Utusan Merapu.

For what I've experienced, living in this cuntry with multicultural races sure is quasi-heaven. And you wanna know what is quasi-er? Living in this very cuntry with multiracial peps and those peps doesnt have Malay, Chinese, Iban, Kenyah, Bidayuh, Jakun, Sakai or whatever shit races thingy running constantly in their head. You know, the one that goes "I'm a <races>, why should I befriended with other races? They're all motherfuckers who someday will kick my ass if I ever did something wrong". Think of it like this. Ali, Ah Chong, and Raju is a good friend. No it is not threesome you bastards. Friends!! sigh~

Ok first scenario

Ali is walking while he came across Raju and Ah Chong
Ali : Raju, hitamnye kamu hari ni!!!!!!
Raju : Pukimak kau Ali nak gadoh ke ha?? 
Ah Chong : Melayu cibai!
Ali : Kau apehal Chong? nak aku rogol mak kau ke?

And the rest is history when all those three little bastard ended up beating each other scrotum.

Now lets see the 2nd scenario shall we

Ali is walking while he came across Raju and Ah Chong
Ali : Raju, hitamnye kamu hari ni!!!!
Raju : Lancau kau Ali..Haha *middle finger*
Chong : Weh..Ali, bapak kau bukak kedai belom? aku da lapar ni
Ali : Bapak aku da siap masak untuk korang da..jom..aku clap..bapak aku belanja..
Chong dan Raju : Haha..jom2..

And from what I heard now, those three kid grew up to be a successfull entrepeneur and started their own company.

So, all those story is just an example to make things clear for some slowpokes who accidently read this shitty blog. So which one would you prefer? Sure you guys would probably pick no. 2 eh..I would if I had given the chance. But as you can see nowadays, only some of those would either just playing dumb or they just didnt get the joke and to make things worse, they started a fight. That's how we usualy reacted, to me that's what harmony meant, not the "tak apa" kinda thing. "Tak apa" mind set is like a indahwater shit sucking truck that will explode when overloaded. And you would not be pleased when a shit truck explode in front of your face.

I used to have chinese and indian friend whom i can trashed talked to them. Where I can use foul word every now and then. It feels so great, there is no chinese are chinese and indian are indians back in that time, I can call them whatever i wanted to, cina makan babi?, india busuk?, melayu pundek.?.go ahead, who cares, besides, we are friends aren't we? Back then, 1 Malaysia is still inside najib's cock. We had practised 1Malaysia long before you spilled your concept.

But the story is different when i came here, to my current uni. The races thingy is such a taboo here, for example, when i was writng this entry a young indian man was wacthing me. And then when i wrote " budak india belakang aku ni asyik cakap pasl seks..." he spill the his thoughts..

"Kau boleh bunag tak india tu, kalau tak aku charge kau racist"

I was like dude what the fuck? Does Indian sounds racist to you dickhead? Im not being racist here, I'm just fucking describing the situations, is it that difficult to you to understand? Now that's why I had removed the indian parts, for the sake of i dont want to start a fight. We are Malaysians, be good and we shall live in true harmony and peace. But I know it's easier said than done because most of us have pig's cock for a brain.


Buang masa je baca ni...

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Anda nak kaya tak? Kalau tanya sape-sape pun kat atas bumi ni, mesti jawab nak, cuma nak kaya dengan apa je yang lain. Ada yang cerdik pandai nak kaya dengan ilmu, ada yang nak kaya dengan kasih sayang, kaya dengan anak dan macam-macam lagi lah. Pendek kata, kekayaan boleh diinterprasikan dalam beberapa bentuk dan keinginan seseorang manusia itu.

Kalau lah anda ditakdirkan dapat berkomunikasi dengan binatang, cuba ajukan soalan ini kepada mana-mana binatang

"semut...semut..semut nak kaya dengan apa?"-contoh-
"manusia bodoh, pergi mati lah, kami nak kaya dengan kaum kami, supaya boleh kami bunuh kamu manusia jahanam!" - ok. Silap tanya semut paranoid.

Apapun disini, kekayaan dari segi kewangan, maksud aku duit, adalah begitu popular dalam kalangan manusia. Kenapa? Sebab pada zaman pasca moden ini duit merupakan segalanya. An asshole once said

"money isn't everything in this world, but to have everything we need money"

Betul, duit sudah menjadi begitu penting sekarang sampai kita lupa Tuhan. Manusia boleh membunuh kerana duit, pernah dengar manusia membunuh kerana berebut aiskrim? Mana ada. Money is the root of all evil. Ambil contoh sesebuah negara , kerana duit pemimpin jadi cibai, bini pemimpin tersebut pun boleh jadi asshole yang tak guna kerana dek wang yang melimpah-limpah. Semuanya dah berlandaskan duit, ada duit jalan, takde duit kau boleh pergi mampos, mati reputlah kau dalam longkang.

Aku hanya manusia biasa, tidak lari dari hakikat yang suatu hari aku akan ditimpa kesusahan yang mungkin dalam bentuk kekurangan wang. Aku terima dugaan ini dengan hati yang terbuka, tapi, buat si lancau yang tak bayar lagi duit aku sebab tak ada duit dan baru-baru ni bawak kereta pergi kelas. Kau sekarang ni dah masuk dalam kategori cibai negara yang kedua selepas PM.

Esok final da start, tapi aku masih mencarut kat sini, buat sesiapa yang baca entri bodoh ni, mungkin masa ni aku tengah jawab paper Engineering Design(ED) yang memang boleh meyebabkan mati pucuk dalam kalangan lelaki jikalau mendapat pendedahan yang berterusan.

Aku rasa lepas ni nak mencarut dalam Bi pulak lah, tak puas dalam mother tounge ni, tak puas, walaupun aku tau tulisan bi aku macam taik, tak sedap langsung tapi bak kata orang tua-tua..practice make perfect dan aku tau banyak mane pun aku praktis, tak akan jadi perfect nye ;

"Nobody is perfect untill you fall in love with them"

Oh ya..wish me luck on my final exam starting today 8/11/2010. Although I know some of you lads will wish me fuck after all. Bleh! I don't give a damn about it.

"A real successor wins the war, not just some battle" - Me, Myself and I

Another FB crap..

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Behold!!!!! The most awesome theory ever!!!! Now who the hell did this??



Sebutlah Uffin bukan Upin, Upin dalam bahasa Aramaic bermaksud "Aku benci Rasul."

Sebutlah Ariffin bukan Ipin, Ipin dalam bahasa Syriac bermaksud " Aku suka Israel ."

Ini diburukkan lagi oleh penggunaan huruf "U" pada baju Upin dan "I" pada baju Ipin."U" bermaksud " USA ""I" bermaksud " Israel "

Terbuktilah bahawa Upin & Ipin juga merupakan agenda tersembunyi Yahudi dalam melemahkan akidah umat Islam. Mereka menggunakan Upin & Ipin sebagai jarum halus terbaru setelah mereka gagal dalam misi Pokemon, Doraemon,Digimon dan Mamula Moon.


Baru-baru ini Syarikat Apple telah melancarkan iPhone 4g. Diharap ikhwah danakhawat semua dapat sama2 memboikot iPhone 4g kerana ia sebenarnya adalahagenda yahudi. ' i ' pada perkataan iPhone sebenarnya merujuk kepada ' Israel ' .4g pula bermaksud "god, gold, glory and girl". kalu kamu benar2 cintakanAllah dan rasul, sila sebarkan kepada semua umat Islam kalau tidak solatkamu tidak sah selama 40 hari 40 malam.


So,according to above chain letter, Upin dan Ipin is another jews creation. See there, they've also listed other jew's cartoons. Digimon, Pokemon and Doraemon. Yup, Doraemon is also a jew. Damn!! Isn't there anything in this world that have no relationship with the jews????

For fuck sake please stop all this nonsense, why must a cartoon were being related to those motherfucking jews? It is a 3D animation created by our local student and we all should be proud of it instead of mumbling about building a RM5billion white elephant and this so called jews. I've watched all kind of cartoon and anime, and yes there are some masonic-like symbol every here and there but who actually cares (except for those conspiracy freaks)? Does it matter to you if a cartoon have those kind of symbols? Does it even affect your life?

The upin ipin part, now why the fuck did upin and ipin had been translated into a different language, same with pokemons and digimons, you know, the pikachu and charmender thingy, all of their meaning in different language. It's bullshit. Why the hell did you translate the name 'upin' and 'ipin' in a different language, aramic? syriac? Did you actually speak those kind of language? Who knows,maybe your name is "I'm a little fat cunt full of fungi ready to be fuck by the big black cock of lord baphomet" in zimbabwian.If you wanna scare us at least, use the language that we Malaysian familiar with, not some bullshit language(read:aramic and syriac) that nobody ever knew the said language existed.

And what's with the "solat anda tidak sah selama 40 hari 40 malam" thingy? Better say "please share this pieces of information to your friends if you dont wanna get herpes for the rest of your life" instead. Now I've been wondering if this chain letter is the works of the jews instead.

Iphone 4G... the "I" = Israel. Those conspiracists, what are they? A bunch of faggots that have shits as a brain? I'm sick of all this crap, conspiracy here, conspiracy there, either which, Antichrist will emerge(with His will) and this god forsaken world will come to an end. Keep your faith up, fear the Creator instead of some cock worshipping jews.

Either they're cute or  I'm under  jew's spell
 The jews would probably jizzed their pants if they ever saw this. LOL


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Aku tau benda ni dah lama korang tau, tapi seyes cool...cayalah google!

Kisah Sotong dan Bullshit (Read :Freemason)

Posted by orang-orang On Thursday, November 4, 2010 7 ugutan

Sotong tilik bola sepak: Pengganti Paul tunjuk muka

04/11/2010 10:23am

OBERHAUSEN, Jerman 4 Nov - Pengganti Paul, akhirnya membuat penampilan pertama namun penjaga ia masih belum berani untuk menjanjikan tilikan tepat bola sepak daripada si sotong kurita muda itu.
Hidupan laut yang baru berusia lima bulan dan diberi nama sama, Paul itu telah berada di tangki baru di akuarium Sea Life di Oberhausen, semalam.
Paul baru yang membuat penampilan pertama sejak dua bulan dikuarantin itu, diambil berdekatan dengan Montpellier, tenggara Perancis dan seberat 300 gram.

Paul sebenar telah membuat ramalan tepat terhadap lapan perlawanan di Piala Dunia dan telah mati minggu lalu.
Namun begitu, masih belum pasti bahawa pengganti Paul ini akan turut terjebak dalam aktiviti meramal. - AP

Laporan asal oleh Utusan

Inilah lah yang dikatakan patah tumbuh hilang berganti. Dah mampos dah sekor boleh pulak amek tukang tilik baru, apa lancau ni haa?? Kalau macam ni lah gamaknya, baek tak payah main bola, suruh sotong tu je tilik result dia macamana, pastu ramai-ramai pakat tengok macamana sotong tu tilik kat skrin besar kedai mamak. Haa, kan ke happening tu.

Aku pun terpikir jugak, apa nama sotong ni si pengganti ni nanti ek? Saifool ke? Saifool the Octopussy. Macam sesuai je. Tak pun Pope the Octopus. Asyik paul je nak femes. Heh.

Oh ya, korang jgn percaya sangat berita ni. tengok dulu suratkhabar mana tu, paper ni bukan boleh caye sangat, tukar berita je pandai, nak tau cite betol pegi google sendiri cari laporan asal oleh media-media luar. Tapi media luar pun bukan boleh percaya sangat, semua tu agen-agen illuminati, agen-agen freemason, sesat tu. Tangan-tangan freemason banyak sangat sekarang ni.

Malaysia ni pun freemason jugak kan? Tengok menara berkembar tu, sama je macam masonic pillar pastu Suria KLCC kat bawah tu, macam masonic floor je kan? Pastu nanti menara warisan pulak, bentuk freemason masonic bullshit apakah yang akan dibuat oleh bang najib? Malaysia = Freemason Cuntry.

Eh, dari cite sotong boleh meleret pergi cite freemason pulak ni apa jadah?? Penulis ni freemason ke? Aku Grandmaster kot, hahaha....

Cara aku salam camni kot.
 Gambar tu aku jumpa kat FB. Ok. Lepas ni aku tak da bersalam ni, jumpa orang aku nak tumbuk je as a greet.

Shit! Aku melalut lagi....

Freemason my ass!!! Illuminati my ass!!!!  Hakhakhakhak...Hakhakhakhak

No 1-5, boleh pegi mampos.

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Semenjak aku ada facebook ni, semakin hari semakin pelik aku tengok manusia kat situ, sesetengah je la, semakin hari semakin celaka da aku tengok. Ok, ni antara apa yang dapat aku simpul bukusilakan apa yang aku tengok, antara species manusia kat fb aku;

1.FB Gamers (Mafia wars and all those bullshits)
Aku sebenarnya tak kesah pun kalau kau nak main game kat fb tu, main la sampai klimaks pon aku tak kesah, aku pun main jugak tapi boleh tak kalau kau jangan anta invitation kat aku ajak main sekali jadi team kau apa lancau. Kalau sekali tu aku boleh terima la jugak, tapi dekat 10 kali kau anta invi, da la tu anta hadiah la, keris la, pedang la apa-apa la. Sebab aku ni rilek, so aku biar je kau dengan hidup kau..heh

Ni antara yang glemer gak la dalam fb. Hari-hari ada je dia tang orang kat gambar duit bersepah or gamba kereta mahal-mahal. To be honest aku memang benci MLM ni, tapi tak semua aku benci, ada jugak yang aku suka, time kena closing, konpem kat kedai makan dan konpem aku kenyang free. Rezeki beb, dia mintak no aku taram je, pastu adios, never again we'll meet...hoho

3.Attention Whores

Oh wow..
Mostly pompuan la macam ni, tapi lelaki pun ada jugak, sama-sama bodoh, sama-sama boleh pergi mampos dalam kandang babi. Biasanya mereka-mereka yang dari dalam kalangan ini status diorang akan di update seminit 60 kali. Sampaikan nak makan pun kena post, nak tido, bangun tido.Asal melancap lu tak post?

"bosan..nak wat ape ek?" -salah satu contoh status.
"layan movie la" -2 minit kemudian
"hmm..nak tido ke tak nak" -mampos la kau.

Macam gampang je, pastu kalau orang tanya dia boleh jawab takde apa-apa, tak paham aku budak-budak ni. Celaka sungguh.

4.Camera whores
Ni pun cibai gak ni, kesinambungan dari no.3,hari-hari upload gambar, kalau gambar pergi babiQ ke, gambar dengan famili ke aku tak kesah la, ni tak, duduk atas katil senyum bodoh sket-sket pastu tangkap gambar sendiri-sendiri 280 keping. Apa senggama ni haa?? Asal tak letak gambar bogel?

5.The "akuw-sapew-apew-taw-sukew-takpew" fuckin bastards
Firstly for those yang reka tulisan gaya penulisan macam ni memang anak babi. Apa celaka la manusia normal boleh cakap macam tak cukup sifat. Mungkin kau rasa kau cool kalau tulis macam ni, tapi sebenarnya tak, macam haram tau, macam haram. Kalau perempuan tu aku boleh terima la jugak, walaupun sebenarnya celaka jugak,tapi kalau lelaki yang tulis tu memang fakap. Kote dah berhutan tapi tulis macam tak pernah sunat.

7.Dalam entri aku sebelum ni, no 6.
Yup, the one and only. Sebab apa aku tulis ni no 7? Well, try to figure it out yourself.