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13th of May. To a nobody the very date might be just an ordinary date and another day of work or a family day to others. Well, try asking this to a Malaysian, what would be they answer?

"Uhhhh..the day of war"
"Malaya's bloody massacre"
"A stupid day where malaysian kills each other"
"errr..ngakkk tau pakk"

Yup, maybe that would be the answers from some of us. For me the 13 of May should not be forgotten by us Malaysians. A history is supposed to be remembered not to be repeated but still, history will repeat by it self. All those racist sentiment nowadays will sure someday can ingnites the flames of fury among multicultural races in this very Cuntry.

"Eh lahanat, hari ni bukan 13th Mei pun, asal lu cakap macam ni ni? gile ke?"

Sure it is not 13th of May but why should the incident be forgotten just because today is not the 13th of May? This is just the tipical thoughts of us humans. It is like we tends to remember a certain incident occuring in the past when it is related to a date. For instance, 13th May 1963 and 31st August, I use this dates just because it is two of many significant dates of Malaysia that most of us knew what happened on it and also, for the 13th of May, since the next general election is just around the corner you might hear something like this more ofthen;

"Sokonglah barisan nasional, jika anda tidak mahu melihat lagi peristiwa berdarah 13 mei, kami akan bla...bla...bla..."

Familiar isn't it? Well that's one of tons of other bullshit that will be going to be spilled out when it comes to winning the voter's fucking tick for thier cunt fucking alcoholic party. Well, where was I? Oh yeah, the date thingy, the reason why is choose these date is that this date is-wait, didn't I've just wrote this a few lines ago? Shit. Ok. So the thing that i wanna say is just that there are many things which can cause a riot between the Malay, Chinese and Indians considering since they are the top 3 races in Malaysia for the time being.

Somehow today anything can be related to being racist. Even a chinese women who apparently did not cover her head is continously being attacked by those insane mafakkas so called "pembela melayu". But when their 1st lady, entered and give a speech with just half of her head covered they would be like "chillax, she's a muslim". See the double standards? And then this issue would then became a "melei-chinese" issue. See how've they had reacted? Some twist the story back and forth and Voila!. You have a racial issue ready to be published in tomorrow's Utusan Merapu.

For what I've experienced, living in this cuntry with multicultural races sure is quasi-heaven. And you wanna know what is quasi-er? Living in this very cuntry with multiracial peps and those peps doesnt have Malay, Chinese, Iban, Kenyah, Bidayuh, Jakun, Sakai or whatever shit races thingy running constantly in their head. You know, the one that goes "I'm a <races>, why should I befriended with other races? They're all motherfuckers who someday will kick my ass if I ever did something wrong". Think of it like this. Ali, Ah Chong, and Raju is a good friend. No it is not threesome you bastards. Friends!! sigh~

Ok first scenario

Ali is walking while he came across Raju and Ah Chong
Ali : Raju, hitamnye kamu hari ni!!!!!!
Raju : Pukimak kau Ali nak gadoh ke ha?? 
Ah Chong : Melayu cibai!
Ali : Kau apehal Chong? nak aku rogol mak kau ke?

And the rest is history when all those three little bastard ended up beating each other scrotum.

Now lets see the 2nd scenario shall we

Ali is walking while he came across Raju and Ah Chong
Ali : Raju, hitamnye kamu hari ni!!!!
Raju : Lancau kau Ali..Haha *middle finger*
Chong : Weh..Ali, bapak kau bukak kedai belom? aku da lapar ni
Ali : Bapak aku da siap masak untuk korang da..jom..aku belanja..eh clap..bapak aku belanja..
Chong dan Raju : Haha..jom2..

And from what I heard now, those three kid grew up to be a successfull entrepeneur and started their own company.

So, all those story is just an example to make things clear for some slowpokes who accidently read this shitty blog. So which one would you prefer? Sure you guys would probably pick no. 2 eh..I would if I had given the chance. But as you can see nowadays, only some of those would either just playing dumb or they just didnt get the joke and to make things worse, they started a fight. That's how we usualy reacted, to me that's what harmony meant, not the "tak apa" kinda thing. "Tak apa" mind set is like a indahwater shit sucking truck that will explode when overloaded. And you would not be pleased when a shit truck explode in front of your face.

I used to have chinese and indian friend whom i can trashed talked to them. Where I can use foul word every now and then. It feels so great, there is no chinese are chinese and indian are indians back in that time, I can call them whatever i wanted to, cina makan babi?, india busuk?, melayu pundek.?.go ahead, who cares, besides, we are friends aren't we? Back then, 1 Malaysia is still inside najib's cock. We had practised 1Malaysia long before you spilled your concept.

But the story is different when i came here, to my current uni. The races thingy is such a taboo here, for example, when i was writng this entry a young indian man was wacthing me. And then when i wrote " budak india belakang aku ni asyik cakap pasl seks..." he spill the his thoughts..

"Kau boleh bunag tak india tu, kalau tak aku charge kau racist"

I was like dude what the fuck? Does Indian sounds racist to you dickhead? Im not being racist here, I'm just fucking describing the situations, is it that difficult to you to understand? Now that's why I had removed the indian parts, for the sake of i dont want to start a fight. We are Malaysians, be good and we shall live in true harmony and peace. But I know it's easier said than done because most of us have pig's cock for a brain.


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